WWW.THANGMEDIA.COM (“Thang Media Dot Com – Thang Media Blog”) is a personal webblog that was launched on 10/10/2017 and is being operated / developed by Duy Thang founder.

Operation objectives

Firstly, Thangmedia Blog works as a website providing the knowledge of using open source WordPress to make your own website with various needs like webblog, news, sales page, business introduction. If you are here but do not understand what WordPress is, then look at Why use WordPress.

In addition to WordPress, ThangMedia Blog also provides information, tutorials related to the field of the website as using the server, introduction of useful tools, evaluation services host, SEO .

The main goal of the blog is to share information that the founder knows and wants to share. At the same time, the blog welcomes and accepts the contributions of its members to provide more diverse articles.

Only works

Thangmedia Blog works with immutable principles such as:

  • Article syndication is free.
  • Show only the best quality services / tools.
  • Fastest content updates and support.
  • Create a healthy exchange of knowledge, say no to piracy.

Privacy issues

The privacy of the readers is very important to ThangMedia.Com. Based on our worldwide internet usage policy, we are committed not to store sensitive personal information of visitors, nor will we ever ask for your personal information except as needed. system, newsletter registration, survey).

We will use cookies as a means of highlighting visitor information such as browser type, gender, access time, pageview frequency, etc., so that we understand our readers’ needs. better content development.


ThangMedia Blog allows readers to comment freely as a small forum. In the comment area, readers may ask or comment on the content of the article. But, to avoid annoying and affecting others, we reserve the right to remove comments on unforeseen circumstances.


For ThangMedia.com to operate according to criteria, we will have methods to generate income here, such as:

  • Affiliate – Referral links to products that we recommend. We never encourage our readers to use poor quality services.
  • Sponsored Post – Some cases, we will have received the content of the partner accepting to support us on the financial issues, the content will still be felt is consistent with the needs of the poison. at Thang Media. The text of this ad type will be labeled “Sponsored” in the article title.
  • Banner Advertising – On some sites of Thangmedia Blog, we will place some banner ads from Google Adsense, useful products and from partners who have bought ads.

However, we are committed to ensuring that the display / publication of the ad does not bother the reader.


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